Automated Testing Tools, Manual Testing Tools and Test Management Tools for
Windows. Web. DotNet. Java. PowerBuilder. Terminal.

Hard Things Made Easy with AscentialTest

We've come up with a fast track approach to building software tests using codeless, re-usable elements that do not rely on key words, recording or scripting. By dragging and dropping screen objects into a visual test editor, test actions are automatically generated. All the user has to do is provide the test data via simple drop-downs without the drudge of external spreadsheets. The re-usable elements can be combined to form a multitude of manual and automated tests across multiple projects that are fast and easy to create and maintain. AscentialTest™ provides an enterprise level Test Management System that encompasses Test Planning, Test Development, Test Data Management and Test Execution. It provides a highly visual environment where plans, suites, tests and data are seamlessly integrated.




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AscentialTest is designed to be easy to use, but if you are new to automated testing or would like a jump start, consider taking a one or two day course. The following are brief course descriptions

AscentialTest Basic Skills

This two day course covers all of the AscentialTest components for test management, test planning, test data management, manual and automated testing and reporting:

  • Managing an AscentialTest project
  • Creating Application Object Definitions (AppObjects)
  • Creating test plans
  • Creating test suites
  • Creating and executing manual tests
  • Creating automated steps
  • Building automated tests
  • Working with Test Sets

AscentialTest Advanced Topics

This one day course covers advanced automated testing features

  • Understanding the path statement
  • Creating, testing and using selectors
  • Mapping custom classes
  • Methods and properties
  • Using the Actions Explorer
  • Using project and plan data
  • Creating and editing data tables

We are the Reseller of Zeenyx products in India.


Automated Testing Tools, Manual Testing Tools and Test Management Tools for Windows. Web. DotNet. Java. PowerBuilder. Terminal. AscentialTest provides facilities for test planning, test data management, manual and automated test development, test execution, defect tracking and reporting. Built around our patented 'smart image' technology, our users build test components by dragging and dropping from a series of application screen images. Our solution produces robust, easy to maintain tests, developed without a requirement for programming experience. Our approach allows organizations to save time and reduce costs by enabling domain experts to design and create tests that are ready to execute without recording or scripting. Reusable test components are built by point and click, as actions and data forms are automatically generated. The automated tests that are generated using this approach are as easy to maintain as they are to create.

  • Windows Clients
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox, Chrome
  • Powerbuilder
  • Java - Swing
  • DotNet - Winforms, WPF
  • Component One
  • Dev Express
  • Terminals (iSeries)
  • SWT
  • Siebel


DataEditor makes it easy to build and access test case data. It provides a spreadsheet-like interface where the user can create data tables that have a direct relationship with application objects. DataEditor provides a visual interface where schema is created automatically as the user drags and drops application objects. Data objects of arbitrary complexity can be created using built-in and user-defined data types to match the requirements of test scripts. Input errors are reduced as users select values from pick-lists. Data Editor is fully integrated with the automated testing environment. Each time a data table is saved, DataEditor generates the necessary data structures in the target scripting language. Data access methods are provided in the target scripting language. There are no drivers or type conversions required. Test data is directly available in the type expected by the scripting language.

Key Features

  • Visually create test data tables
  • Create test data structures of arbitrary complexity
  • Automatically create tables via drag and drop from target application objects
  • Import data from Excel or .csv format
  • Automatically Generate data structures in target test tool language
  • Provides simple query to access data at runtime
  • Visual type checking for data input
  • Automatically converts data for type changes


  • Increases staff productivity
    • Reduces effort to build test data tables
    • Less scripting is required to automate testing tasks
  • Reduces data input errors
  • Increases throughput at runtime
  • Reduces effort to create and maintain test data

Our resources are highly trained and have competent expertise in functional and regression tools, have developed an in built approach to use the below products in an effective manner to deliver the services with promised quality and delivery.

  • Develop automated and manual tests in AscentialTest tool.
  • Migrate SilkTest 4Test code to AscentialTest Zee language.
  • Migrate SilkTest classic agent code to SilkTest Open agent.
  • Develop automated tests for web applications in Selenium web driver with Maven framework.
  • Develop automated tests in QTP, RFT and Test Complete.
  • Develop automated tests for National Language Support Testing.
  • Specialized at Functional and Regression Test Implementations.
  • Maintenance support will be provided to all the customers.
  • Provide installation support.
  • Provide email support for resolving technical issues.
  • Trained Resources for immediate assistance
  • End to End Testing Solutions
  • Client Server, Power Builders, Web based and Terminal based applications
  • Conceptualized framework for automation
  • Optimized Process for Test Automation
  • Reusable Cross-Application Test Keywords/Libraries
  • Requirements mapped Test Cycle
  • Automation Tool Enhancement


Zeenyx is committed to providing a testing solution where users build robust manual and automated tests from reusable components that are created without recording or scripting. It's time to retire the old keyword-driven testing paradigm with its messy layers of spreadsheets. We've come up with an innovative approach to building software tests from re-usable steps that does not rely on recording or scripting. By interacting with graphical representations called snapshots, users build steps by dragging and dropping objects in a visual test editor. Actions and data objects are automatically generated. All the user has to do is provide the test data. Re-usable steps can be combined to form a multitude of manual and automated tests that are easy to create and maintain.