AscentialTest Automation Tool Is best Suited
For Agile, Devops And CI Integration

Agile methodology is a practice that promotes continuous iteration of development and testing throughout the software development lifecycle of the project.
is a software development methodology that combines software development with information technology operations. The goal of DevOps is to shorten the systems development life cycle while also delivering features, fixes, and updates frequently in close alignment with business objectives.
Continuous Integration (CI) is a development practice that requires developers to integrate code into a shared repository several times a day. Each check-in is then verified by an automated build, allowing teams to detect problems early.

Let’s Find Out How AscentialTest Suits Agile -DevOps – Continuous Integration Process

Test Automation is key in Agile as the process involves continuous development of software. Where there is a continuous development, there is continuous testing which has to be performed to check the quality of the existing and added new feature/enhancements to the product.

Regression testing of the existing functionality with the new changes plays a key role as the clearance of all these tests and also the testing of the new feature pays the way to release the new software build to the operations team who further performs the operations and provides go-ahead for the product release to the customer.

Productivity is High

AscentialTest is well known to build reliable tests faster and easier by using its unique feature drag and drop. This provides a quicker and robust way to develop the added feature tests faster within the agile period or within the sprint cycles of the scrum. The Tool known for its reliability and  meets the changing demands with minimal effort. When there is a change in the software development, the maintenance of the built regression tests is low. AscentialTest is based on Step based approach and every steps build are reusable and object repository is based on attributes or with unique path statements. A single change at one place in the object level and one change in the step level, reflects the change everywhere in the entire regression tests/project (in other words ‘entire framework’).

Hence in agile methodology where there is always time constraint, AscentialTest is best suited for continuous testing of the software development as it develops tests faster and helps in low maintenance.


Test Automation does have a big impact in the Devops as it provides the green signal based on the testing reports of the software build to go-ahead with the operations team for raising defects, fixing bugs, delivery, and version release of the product. Devops make sure the business objective is met before the product is released to the customer.

AscentialTest is a test management tool that is integrated with version control, defect tracking tool, and a Centralized database for reporting. Once the test automation reports are generated, based on the failure analysis one can directly raise a defect through AscentialTest using JIRA, and also for every release a version copy of the test development project can be placed in the version control tool SVN.

Targets on Rapid Release

When the tests are run in parallel on multiple machines, the centralized database reporting helps to get a single report which helps to analyse the overall results of the regression run. Also, only the failed test can be rerun again to get a single report for all the runs and reruns which helps in further analysis of the test runs.

These features of AscentialTest helps the Devops in working on the faster fixes, delivery and release of the product with the business objectives to meet customer needs at the earliest.


Continuous integration talks more about deployment of the build with the fixes, enhancements, new feature and testing of the released build (alpha or beta) and again the cycle repeats until the build is stable to further perform the regression tests and release to the operation team. It’s a chain.

Test Automation tool integrated with CI tools will help to perform the testing of the deployed software builds in non-working hours and helps the team to analyse the test reports in the working hours increasing the productivity of the execution of the tests.   Also, the CI tool helps to email the test reports to the entire Devops team to see the build is successful or failed.

AscentialTest supports the integration with CI tools like Jenkins, Hudson helps the CI team to trigger the execution of tests as soon as the build is deployed which generally happens at night (Non-working hours) and provides a single report even with parallel execution (Host/Target Model of AT) on different machines. AscentialTest also has inbuilt Emailing option where the email id’s can be configured, which send the single test reports along with the Pie chart view to the entire email Id’s configured (Generally to Devops team).

Faster, Reliable and Reducing Cost Significantly

Overall with AscentialTest as one product, one can achieve faster reliable development of test, quick management of maintenance (Agile), helps in rapid bug fixing, delivery and release with quality (Devops) and also helps in increasing the productivity with easier inbuilt option of emailing, centralized reporting and parallel execution at a significant reducing cost (CI) helping in generating ROI quickly.