Application Life Cycle Management

AscentialTest is armed with features  that  makes it easy to integrate test plans with test data, manual execution instructions and automated tests. The tool  also has enhanced facility that allows  the user to manage test plans, test cases, test data, test execution, test results and defects. It keeps track of the progress and generate reports from your browser and update you at regular intervals.


The Test Plan Editor depicts and regulates the prerequisites for the test in the form of an outline, list, or scenario. It bestows connectivity to manual /automated tests and test data hoarded in incorporated data tables.

  • Attach tests to plans by means of drag and drop
  • Loop test requirements with test data through point and click
  • Dexterity to track down tests is catered by test plan aspect using a query tool
  • Test plans are spawned naturally from test data tables
  • Define the number of repetitions to repeat tests
  • Group test plans into suites for execution




AscentialTest is allied with Jira for defect tracking, which aids to manage the relationship between test results and defects. Failures may be associated with defects so that testers will be conveyed a message whenever the defects are fixed and ready for re-testing.

  • Create a defect
  • Assign a test to a defect
  • Obtain advice to create defects for failed tests
  • Check the ongoing status of a defect
  • Access citation to re-run tests as defects are fixed
  • Receive aid to close defects for ‘passed’ tests
  • Ingress a defect to modify status and details




AscentialTest renders distinct features by integrating with version control systems like Subversion (SVN) to help large teams manage their tests.

  • Check-in / check-out objects in SVN archive
  • Merge files with the built-in merge utility
  • Review the project history
  • Restore earlier versions


A Test Set may be created for a build, a sprint, a test cycle, or a project and more that can manage test execution, results, and reporting depending upon how your organization tests and delivers software.

  • Generate a test Set combining automated and manual tests.
  • Administer test results in a centralized database.
  • Mention the reason for blocked or failed tests.
  • Illustrate tests to explain their results.
  • Generate and export test reports to PDF, HTML, EXCEL, RTF, TXT,TIF formats.
  • Results are directed to email inevitably.
  • View real-time results in the web portal.
  • Any type of document can be hooked up to the results.
  • Execute tests locally, remotely, or on several machines.
  • Schedule test execution using test scheduler


AscentialTest exercises a command-line execution option that is designed for integration with Continuous Integration tools like Jenkins or TFS.

  • Run Plans, Suites, or Test Sets from the command line.
  • Generate reports as part of command-line execution