Functional Automation Tool Migration

Migration Testing

Migration Testing is verification of migration process of either the legacy system to the new system or the existing tool to the advanced tool with the least possible downtime, data integrity, and all essential data and functions intact. It also ensures that the newly upgraded system is compatible with all hardware and software, the legacy application supports.

Modernizing The Legacy System

As the world is moving towards TestOps and DevOps with Agile & Scrum trends, there exists a need for the Test organizations to switch their operations from the existing technology to the more advanced ones to keep their position in pace with the rising competition. Hence, Migration Testing is of utmost essential to move from the Legacy system to the new system without any data loss.

The process involves meetings with the Test Manager, Business Analyst, Architects, Product Owners, Business Owner, etc., to identify the possible risks and the implementable remedy. Through proper analysis, care should be taken to ensure the existing business is not at all affected after migration and proper mitigation has been implemented to expose the risks.

Why Tool Migration

Testing Tools are becoming an integral part of software testing and are meant to ease testers work and provide them with time, effort, cost saving including quality of the testing activities. However, problems with legacy software like, Lack of support, Excessive maintenance, Operational costs, Shortage of expertise, Integration with other software development tools are piling up with advancement in technology. It is highly important for testing organizations to switch or migrate to other alternative tools to meet their extended requirements.

Automation testing in migration either from legacy systems to new systems or from the existing tool to new tool is always considered high risk for the IT industry. Being a tiresome task, It may fail to deliver on the business expectations as the framework built can get collapsed easily anytime or the entire automation project can be scrapped by the organization for legitimate reasons.  But practically, It is very much possible to migrate the existing test automation project within the scheduled time through careful handling of the object repository and using advanced methodology effectively.

Matryxsoft Tech Overview

Our Goal and objective are to ‘Embrace A High Performing Testing Centre Of Excellence’. This awareness drives our originality and supports our innovative ideas by invoking all necessary techniques and procedures that enhance the solution until our clients’ are completely satisfied.

Benefits To Our Clients

With Extensive Years Of Experience, we are capable of handling migration in accordance with the clients’ business objectives. We create wide opportunities to explore various testing tools and develop hands-on expertise of their functionalities and thereby migration.

  • A Complete Package Of Tool, Expertise, And Technology To Deliver Complex Tool Migration Project Successfully
  • Mitigate And Control Risk With Our Proven Process Giving Ultimate Visibility  And Quality Output To The Client
  • Custom-Made Strategies And Accessible Procedures Help Reduce The Percussion Of Existing Systems And Business Concerns
  • A Committed Team Expertise That Will Help Migrate The Existing Tool Without Interrupting The Ongoing Operations & Work Process
  • Accomplished Experience And Rigorous Methodology Gives Absolute Control Over The project And Prevents Overspending

Robust Automation Solution

At Matryxsoft Tech we adopt a different approach from
the initial phase of the agreed project, right from forming
a testing team with the members having the required knowledge & experience and provide training related to the system that is being migrated till the end phase.