Productivity And Maintenance


Automation testing tools though attenuate most of the tiresome issues faced by the software testers, Test maintenance is a matter of concern when it comes to recurring cost and time delays. Some of the progressive tools in the market also could not shorten the delivery time of the developed software product to the end-user on the grounds that they require a framework to be built and scripting to be done for all the test while on repetition too. Moreover, the yield of those tools where record and playback are practiced worsens when the application changes due to re-recording.

If Tests Are Re-recorded Repeatedly, Test Automation Would Become Useless

AscentialTest Tool Can Return Multiple Amount Of Time, Money And Effort Invested!!


AscentialTest offers a trivial access, No need to record UIs, or write scripts:

  1. Using inbuilt methods for the objects created, you create object actions to test your application.
  2. These actions rely on application objects which are mostly unique as AT uses object attributes, not on the user interface (that often changes).
  3. Actions can be as sophisticated as needed, for example with conditional and iterative declarations.
  4. Actions are grouped into “steps,” reusable in multiple tests for higher productivity.


Developing a Test frame work  need more effort, skill and time. In addition to this maintenance requires more investment. AscentialTest tool  simplifies the work of a tester by eluding the need to develop or maintain a framework, as the framework for a project gets automatically built based on the steps generated from the captured  snapshots.


Test cases require periodic revision depending on the project you work with moreover, It is mandatory to record them again and again every time a test utilizes it.

AscentialTest cut down the need for creating the same test actions multiple times. Each step created can be reused in as many tests as you need. When the application evolves or changes , simply update a step, and all the tests that use it will be automatically updated.

This wondrous course of action  curtails test maintenance and allows testers to focus on testing.


Lack of programming knowledge can halt the excitement of testing, when it comes to Data-Driven testing. Besides, more number of data files with correct data type  are supposed  to be created and maintained by the tester for every test case.

AscentialTest subscribe to create data-driven testing faster and much easier by creating the tables to store test data and automatically linking them to the relevant test actions. Every Data Table is associated with a record automatically which in turn is associated with the data field.

This modus operandi separates data and tests:

  • Record holds the datatypes for all the data fields
  • the data is not stored with the test
  • A single test can use multiple datasets
  • A single test can run against different set of data
  • the number of tests to create and maintain is reduced.

No need to create multiple datatypes for every test, Use Records !


AscentialTest uses a repository to list the objects of the application:

  • It captures the screen and automatically lists the objects composing it.
  • Actions are defined by selecting the related objects methods by drag & drop.
  • When developers modify the UI (moving or resizing items, changing labels, etc.) the tests are not impacted.
  • If an object is modified in the application, its definition is updated in the repository.

So you do not need to change steps or tests when the GUI is changed.


AscentialTest includes an innovative type of action called “selector.” It facilitates the manipulation of complex objects (custom tables, trees, grids,…). With a single instruction, it allows interacting with the elements of these objects, simplifies against 10 to 20 lines of code usually (click on a particular line in a table, get a certain value on this line, etc.)

No need to create work arounds, writing larger lines of code to get the results Just Go with selectors to get it with a single instruction!


Tests in AscentialTest automatically generates the tables containing the test data, retrieving the test parameters – manual or automated – associated with the data.

Records associated with tables in AscentialTest allows to keep them in the datatype expected by the test. No need to convert them, as it is often the case with spreadsheets.

No need to create a test data , AT does it for you!


A test created on a single browser will work with all supported browsers and browser versions.

AscentialTest developers are committed to supporting all new versions of the most popular browsers as they come out (see supported platforms).

Develop on one browser , Use it with no investment on other browsers!


AscentialTest is integrated with Defect tracking tool (JIRA), Version Control Tool (SVN, TFS and GitHub are coming soon), Emailing system (e.g. Outlook) and Centralized Database Reporting for generating a single report when run on multiple VM’s

Why invest on Plugins to associate with Management tools? we already have it for you!


AscentialTest has a feature Host Target model, allows the users to execute the tests in parallel on multiple target machines. This improves the efficiency to complete the testing at a faster rate.

AscentialTest also has a scheduler feature which helps to run nightly builds.

Gets quicker reports, why wait for long?


AscentialTest snapshot Technology allows the drag and drop feature which eliminates scripting and hence proving friendly and easy to use.

AT has proved, it does not require experienced resources to use the product.

Why Invest More On Experienced Resources?