AT 9.2.4 – March 21:

  • ‘HasError’ is now available as an attribute query from the command line, making it easy to rerun tests that failed in the previous run.
  • Three new actions: GetLastActualImage, GetLastDiffImage and GetLastDiffPixelCount have been added to support image comparison features.
  • Row Select is now supported for PowerBuilder tables.
  • An option to switch to RenderText for PbDataWindows that use PbGroup has been added.

AT 9.2.1 – February 7:

  • A new custom report feature has been added to allow users to design and format their own reports.
  • Drag and drop is now supported for the class PdfLabel to make it easier to define App Objects for PdfLabel elements.
  • A new Firefox extension is provided for Firefox versions v58 and newer.

AT 9.2 – December 22:

  • RenderImage has been completely redesigned. It is not only much easier to use, but it is also much faster.
  • RenderText now works on the IE Browser including the popup navigator bar.
  • RenderText now works on OwnerDraw ListBox and ListView.
  • Pixel and color tolerance have been added VerifyImage.
  • A new action called WaitForImage has been provided to allow the user to wait for an image to display.
  • A new action called SendMail has been added to the System class to allow the user to send an email directly from a test. The user can specify a subject and body and include attachments.

AT 9.0 – October 3:

  • Test plan requirements can now be linked to multiple rows in a Data Table, essentially generating a Test Plan based on user selection of table rows.
  • Test Plans contain a new built-in attribute called ‘RunCount’ that allows the user to select the number of iterations that a test is to be executed.
  • AppStates have been introduced to make it easier to create ‘OnStart’ and ‘OnFinish’ actions.
  • The visual Query Editor has been implemented in the ‘Mark by Query’ dialog to make it easier to create attribute queries.
  • The option to select, generate and email reports at the end of a Test Set run is now provided.
  • Generating Test Set reports from the command line has been simplified to make it easier to integrate with continuous integration software.

AT 8.3 – June 12:

  • Image capture and comparison with masking is now provided.
  • The ability to define a region of an object is now provided. Regions can be used to specify areas of an image to be compared. Regions may also be used to identify a clickable area of an object.
  • The user can now choose the default attribute for path generation by class to improve naming and robustness of object recognition for web elements.
  • Constants and user-defined functions can now be used in path statements.
  • Two new attributes have been added to the class PdfText: @LineIndex and @LineSegment. These attributes provide a way to define tables for PdfText that is lined up in rows and columns.

AT 8.2 – March 3:

  • Validation of pdf content is now supported to enhance verification.
  • Files of any type can be attached to test results, perhaps as evidence of test results or images for enhanced description of errors.
  • Manual test cases can be imported from Excel.
  • Keywords can be used to tag tests to enhance test management.
  • Support for 64 bit versions of Chrome and Firefox.
  • New methods have been added to capture .png files directly at runtime.
  • New functions have been implemented to provide the elapsed times of Steps and Tests.
  • Verify methods and functions now provide an optional parameter that can be set to invoke a snapshot upon error.

AT 8.1 – Sept 19:

  • WPF controls embedded in a PowerBuilder application are now supported.
  • Path translation has been implemented to support testing application localization.

AT 8.0 – Aug 18 :

  • Workspaces have been implemented to streamline the various tasks required to build, maintain and execute manual and automated tests.
  • Find References provides a way to locate references to App Objects, Steps, Tests and Functions.
  • Rename provides a way to change the name and propagate the name change to all occurrences of App Objects, Steps, Tests, Step Parameters, Test Parameters and Functions.

AT 7.10 – May 9:

  • The Jira Project can now be set in Project Settings so that each project can be associated with a different jira project.
  • There are now two modes for integrating tests with a test plan, update and insert. When a test is dragged to a Test Plan in Insert mode, the test name or test description (dependent upon user configuration) becomes the text that is displayed in the test plan node.
  • A new Navigation icon has been added to the Step and Test Editors to allow navigation directly to data tables, steps and functions.

AT 7.9 – Feb 9:

  • A WebTable definition wizard has been added to make it easier to define web tables.
  • WebList definition is now supported through drag and drop.
  • Image recognition has been added to identify graphical elements that are not real objects.