Risk Free Engagement Model

This Model works on the milestone delivery every iterative month with an intent to meet the deadline for the agreed project completion. Here the client comes with his requirements, milestones and project timelines whereas understanding, implementation, delivery and *maintenance of the project w.r.t Test Automation is completely managed by Matryxsoft Tech in 3 Stages.

How the Model Works ?

It involves 3 Key Stages

  • POC
  • Project
  • Maintenance

POC (Free)

A proof of concept will be performed on the Client’s Application for 1-2 E2E Test Scenario wrt Zeenyx® AscentialTest® to validate whether the tool suites best for the AUT.


  • Credentials
  • KT on Test scenarios
  • Test Scenario document
  • Application and it’s access


  • Test Scenario Understanding
  • Object Definition
  • Testcase Development
  • Testcase Execution


The result of the POC is the Test Reports with Metrics which reveals the success/ failure of the Zeenyx testing tool w.r.t AUT.

Project (Billable)

On the success of POC, an agreement will be singed between Client and Matryxsoft Tech for the Project Implementation. In this mutual agreement, Iterative Milestones and Completion of Project Timelines will be defined where agreed No. of Testcases will be delivered Every Milestone.

To begin with, 10% of the Project Cost is mandate and the remaining cost will be divided based on Every Milestone and 100% on Completion of Project.


  • *KT on Tests
  • Application
  • Credentials
  • *VM access
  • Testcase Document
  • Overview of Project


  • Automation Feasibility Study
  • Coding Guidelines and Best Practices
  • Build Robust Framework
  • Testcase Development
  • Testcase Execution with Report
  • Milestone Delivery

It’s an iterative process until completion of Project.


A guaranteed agreed no. of testcase delivery at every milestone. It’s Risk Free for Clients as the payment is post Milestone Delivery.

Maintenance (Free)

On the completion of Project, Maintenance of the developed testcases for the next 2 iterative builds (*2-3 months) of the AUT for 2-3 versions of the application will be supported by Matryxsoft Tech.

During this phase, Knowledge Transfer on the developed regression suites will be handed over to the Client wrt to the following:

  • Framework
  • Coding Guidelines
  • Test Execution
  • Debugging


Our Support and Services remains Absolutely Free for the next 2 iterative builds of the AUT.

**Later on, charges will be applicable for the support and services.

Benefits of this Model

A Successful Project Guaranteed

Timely Milestone Delivery

Quicker Turn Around Time

Niche Resources

Knowledge Transfer

Stability Check

Project Maintenance Support

24*5 Support & Services