What is AscentialTest

Automated Testing Tools, Manual Testing Tools and Test Management Tools for:

Windows. Web. DotNet. Java. PowerBuilder. Terminal. PDF.

AscentialTest  – An automated testing tool that facilitate software testers with codeless, re-usable elements that do not rely on key words, recording or scripting. The tool is backed by predominant features like dragging and dropping screen objects into a visual test editor where test actions are generated significantly. Users can take advantage of simple drop-downs without the drudge of external spreadsheets to provide testdata. The re-usable elements can be combined to form a multitude of manual and automates multiple projects swiftly with Rapid, Repeatable and Reputable workmanship phasing out human blunder. Bundled with easy-to-handle features the tool allows its user to take care of the committed tasks excellently and deliver it to the client within the agreed period of time. These features not only knuckle down the time and cost but also gratifies smooth and effortless maintenance and entertains stress free environment.

AscentialTest™ provides an enterprise level Test Management System that encompasses Test Planning, Test Development, Test Data Management and Test Execution. It provides a highly visual environment where plans, suites, tests and data are seamlessly integrated.

A Cutting Edge Tool

Features that relinquish uniqueness to AscentialTest tool

  • Build the most powerful object recognition engine .
  • Eliminate the need for programming
  • Kill test frameworks
  • Simplify test maintenance
  • Get rid of messy spreadsheets with keywords and test data.
  • Make testers more productive
  • Reduce time, effort and cost

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An ULTIMATE Testing Solution

AscentialTest Tool with its state-of-art visage delivers once and for all solution to overcome the dilemma in software testing activity.

Manage Test Plans, Automated /Manual Tests development, Test data – creation, maintenance and execution, results and reporting.

Application Lifecycle Management

We expect our tools to be more proficient and energetic so that it benefits our determination in providing testing solutions. AscentialTest is such a tool that is easy to integrate with version control, continuous integration, defect tracking and requirements management tools. It helps you keep track of all your testing assets and your test results. Locate your tests using unlimited tags.