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Localization Testing

A software testing method that helps to evaluate the software designed for a specific region, locale, or culture settings, and environment. In simple terms,  It is a process of customizing the software in a language understandable to the natives of the intended country. Localization holds the capability to influence people and build strong relationships with them. It can help establish the developed product worldwide. It is not only cost-effective, but it can also be an excellent time-saver and business accelerator.

Connecting With People Is Never An Easy Task

Localization has the potential to connect with people of different natives and accelerate business growth by enhancing the value of the product. Global markets expect information in a way that anyone can understand, here is why website/software localization is necessary. Reports say that around 57 % of the customers feel comfortable obtaining information in their own language, which is more important than price.

The process involves testing the application whose User Interface, Language, Currency, Date, Time format, and documentation are designed in accordance with the language and culture followed by the natives of a country or region. Testing ensures that the application is capable enough  to be used in that targeted region

Testing an application in the local language is a key factor when a product is used across the world. The localization Testing team usually includes translators (Local), domain experts, linguists, desktop publishers, engineers, and an automation testing team with the capability to change the systems’ infrastructure to deal with the applications’ user bases. Testers verify content, typographical errors, linguistic errors, cultural appropriateness of UI, etc.  To do localization successfully, testers need to understand the way the objects are recognized and used in the automation projects which requires hands-on experience and would be really tough without adequate expertise.

Matryxsoft Tech Overview

We provide end-to-end localization testing services and consistent solutions regardless of the region by influencing skilled resources and appropriate tools. Our team ensures that all functionalities that build the software meet the standard of the native environment.We help the global organizations run localization testing of their products effectively and accurately.

  • Localization Testing As Per Customer’s Explicit Requirements Ensuring Cultural and Legal Compatibility.
  • Consent With GUI guidelines, Regulatory, Local Environment, And Regional Standard Although Sticking Around To The Customer’s Identity
  • A Dedicated Team Having Strong Expertise In End-To-End Localization Testing And Acquired Proficiency In Handling Customers’ Demand Effectively
  • Increased Quality And Satisfaction For Our Clients By Providing Authentic Experience To Their Comprehensive Customers
  • Best Practices Guided By Right Methodology And Meticulous Documentation

Benefits To Our Clients

Our Team has language expertise in Spanish, French, Chinese simplified, German, English, Japanese and can manage more languages upon request to provide localization testing services to the expected quality. We use best practices and methodology ensuring the product is all set for the local users with a much faster turnaround time.

Some Of The Aspects We Review

  • Conformity of the application with localized environments and GUI guidelines.
  • Adherence to different regional standards like-rules, regulations, time-zone, date, postal code, telephone numbers, currency etc.
  • Inappropriate translation of the content, grammar mistakes, and missing texts, and even absence of untranslated messages.
  • Consistent software documentation, layout, design, style, and proper coding /decoding characters.
  • Severe issues like visual, formatting, and compatibility with text input acceptance, menu functions, and more.

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