Outsourcing is a flourishing practice exercised in almost all business around the world . The procedure  involves a company hiring another company or an individual or a group to perform tasks or handle operations that are usually carried out by the company’s own employees . Outsourcing can be cost effective at times when a business demand the right stuff  for a specific period of time or in situations where a  business project has shortage of resources or lack expertise convoyed by shortage of delivery time. Instead  of increasing the burden on the existing resources or push the resource to learn the business unit can hire the mastership in line with the requirement  to bring out the best quality within the scheduled time.

Matryxsoft provides an outsourcing service from its site for software testing that incorporate fully automated functional testing, regression testing, Integration testing as well as user acceptance testing. To ensure successful testing we work with our clients closely so as to make sense of the software applications that require testing. With the acquired knowledge issues are identified and results are formalized in custom test reports for all stages in the testing process and then conveyed to the development team.

Matryxsoft Outsourcing Team

  • Possess Ultimate Proficiency in software testing process which allows flexibility to understand the platforms, technologies and methodologies used by the clients to ease the operation .
  • Capable to work jointly with the clients to ensure focus on core areas, skilled expertise, reducing overhead, flexible staffing, and increasing efficiency, reducing turnaround time , save infrastructure and technology and thereby generating expected revenue.
  • Facilitate our clients to construct productive test process oufitted with explicit monitoring and control framework tagged along with a skill utilizing Continuous integration model.
  • High exposure with AscentialTest , Silk Test and Selenium Testing tools