Maximize Your Gain By Optimizing Your Expenses


Growing demands in technology and increasing competition has enforced the organizations to perform a lot of activities which are not related to their core business activities. These tasks increase the amount of overhead costs leading to difficult economic situation for any business. The only way to overcome these extra costs is to outsourcing such subsidiary activities effectively.


Increased Quality

Having an independent testing team from outside is always better than an in-house testing team to avoid problems that eventually impact the quality. Unbiased evaluation of the software helps to eliminate possible defects.

Focus On The Core Business

By Outsourcing testing operations, the stress attached to the QA work is much reduced. This helps the key resources to continue focus on more value added objectives of the primary business.

Minimized HR Expenditure

The HR expenses and effort is considerably reduced as the problem of hiring pool of resources having specific skill, experience and areas of expertise is completely discharged. Moreover, training the existing workforce for the new technologies, tools and  requirement is avoided.

Improved Productivity

With skilled expertise, you get quality deliverable faster with less investment and thereby increasing your turn around time benefiting increased customer satisfaction.

Understanding The Trending QA

Independent QA companies are always updated with the latest QA trends and techniques. Once associated with them you learn the best testing practice/ methodology, automation tools and frameworks that will help to reduce the testing time and take care of the project demands and deadlines.

Risk Management

You can always reduce the burden by sharing the risk associated to the agreed project with your outsourcing partner. This will inturn benefit you from obtaining their enhanced ability to plan and mitigate potential risks.

Reduced Infrastructure Cost

The overhead cost for buying hardware tools like devices and equipment and some expensive software tools for setting up an effective testing team are diminished

Short Time Releases

The external team are more tolerant to pressure and are able to adhere strictly to the agreed requirements due to fixed deadline and limited budget. Under such scenario the time spent of testing is not compromised and the exact time-to-market can be achieved.



Matryxsoft Tech has been successfully supporting testing organizations cost effectively, maximizing their ROI in a short span of time through outsourcing.

Skilled resources trained on different testing activities, various testing tools and technology are ready for immediate boarding for the testing position either from our location or from client location.

Our Team are capable of adapting to the existing client processes and accommodate frequently changing in the project requirements while, strictly complying with rules, regulations and specifications to avoid costly consequences.

We own advanced infrastructure setup and have acquired substantial knowledge to work on range of testing tools, domains, platforms and latest technologies that has equipped us  to provide quality services for our clients.

We communicate with our clients with common goals and objectives. Daily report on the progress of the agreed project is emailed to the client  to build awareness about the development and problems faced in each phase of the project.