Time And Material Model

A Synergistic Model Which Allows Ultimate Flexibility To Match The Clients’ Requirement

More Flexibility, Better End Product

Time and Material model is very much popular in the software industry because of the flexible schedule and budget.

The client and service provider are fully involved throughout all phases of a project. Clients own the freedom to change the specifications/components during any phase of the project to satisfy the market needs. Billing depends on the no. of resources & time spent on the project as per the hours/days/months worked by the resources.

Best Suitable For

  • Projects Featuring Unpredictable Scope, Specification And Requirements
  • Untested Business Models Featuring Frequent Modification
  • Clients Asserting Direct Control Over The Agreed Project Till The End
  • Undefined Procedure Where The Cost And Time Cannot Be Estimated
  • Large Projects That Require Adaptability With Progressing Markets

Advantages OF Time And Material Model

Provides Cost Transparency Allowing The Clients’ To Verify The Invoices And The Time Sheets To A Greater Extent

Allows The Developers To Start The Work At The Earliest As There Is No Need To Agree With Any Proper Plan

Frequent Modifications And Changes Are Allowed During Any Phase Of The Project At Extra Cost To The Client

Pricing Is Based On The Time Spent And Materials Used For The Agreed Work On An Hourly / Monthly Basis

Clients Can Have Adequate Control Over The Signed Project Related To The Requirement, Estimation And Timeline

Flexible Changes Allows The Final Product To Match The Clients’ Expectation And Hence Reducing The Business Risk

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