ROI Can Be Generated Within A Year Using AscentialTest Automation Tool

The general perception about ROI is, like, when we invest in some business, we expect to capitalize more than we paid for it. The real  advantage of Return on Investment stretches a long way beyond money. The actual skill is to know how to estimate the amount that you will receive against your investment.To understand more about the Topic ,

Let’s analyse ROI with respect to Open source / Commercial / Ascentialtest automation tools in the market.


First, let’s list the immediate requirements to be aware of

  1. Strong Knowledge on Installation and Environment Set up
  2. Proficiency on dependency software’s and plugins
  3. Highly skilled / experienced work force on particular language becomes mandatory
  4. Developing a test framework is an expensive and time-consuming task. Custom code must be written to integrate open source tools with CI solutions like Jenkins and to generate and email reports. In some cases utilities must be written to support interaction with odbc, xml and other interfaces. Only after the completion of a stable framework, can the actual test development begin.
  5. Open source tools do not provide adequate support for custom and dynamic objects. Costly workarounds are required which my take weeks to implement. In some cases, test coverage will be limited because a custom solution is not feasible.

Second, once the above requisites are established , It may take a year or more to develop a regression suite / Smoke suite, which demonstrates that ROI gets generated only in the following year.

This Option cannot be reliable as the test development is slow on the grounds
of high test maintenance along with unknown support for custom and dynamic classes.


  1. Expensive with all the plugins required for CI integration
    (Version control, Defect tracking, Centralized Database, Reporting, Parallel execution)
  2. Require highly experienced resources with scripting knowledge
  3. Takes several months or close to a year to develop the framework

This Option may not be feasible as the investment in the product and the resources is too high
which extends the generation of ROI probably more than 2 years.


AscentialTest is based on snapshot technology which allows drag and drop feature to create Object repository, Steps, Functions, Test, plan, Suite and Testset. The entire development starting from Object repository creation to Testset (contains a plan or a suite) is just drag and drop. This technology makes test development much faster (customers say 30-50% faster) where test maintenance is also lowered by 40-50% than any other product. Test execution is faster because of the host target model (parallel execution up to 128 VM’s) which is inbuilt within our product.


Acceptable Product Cost

Hurdle Free Installation

No Framework Required

No   Coding    Required

Less Experienced Resources

Reusable Steps And Functions

Purchase Includes Necessary Plugins Required To Execute From CI To Reporting

Supports Custom And Dynamic Objects

Test development, test maintenance and test execution are the significant
phases of the automated testing process that influences the return on investment (ROI) .


  1. Does not require a framework or does not require a coding language
  2. Less experienced or domain engineers can develop tests by using drag and drop feature.
  3. Drag and drop feature is used to build Object Repository and Steps/Functions
  4. Steps/Functions (reusable) are created by the built-in methods and properties available to the objects.
  5. Parameterization for the steps and tests are done through adding parameters or built in Datatable.
  6. Query of data from Data table is done by the tool automatically and assigns the variable name to the input fields automatically.

Since drag and drop being the key feature, Test development is faster
by 30-50% when compared to any other test automation tools.


  1. Any change in Object Repository reflects the change in the entire project
  2. Any change in the Steps/Functions reflects the change in the entire project
  3. Change of objects in any page of the application is easily identifiable as the snapshot reveals the difference of the property or attribute change in the Object Repository immediately.
  4. Every Step can be executed to test/verify individually

The above listed  analysis of our product has proven effortless
maintenance for a large number of tests/Projects.


  1. Since the test runs through the cache, execution is much faster on the AUT
  2. In-built host target model allows execution of testset to run in parallel on remote and virtual machine’s
  3. Generates single report when run in parallel or multiple VM’s as the results are written into a database.
  4. Consider a scenario where 500 testcases are in execution-, and suppose an application crash exist in the 200th testcase the results of the 200 tests will still be available in the report and the execution can be carried out later from 201 test.

The above study tells us why AscentialTest execution is
faster than other test automation tools.

In view of the above mentioned discussion, AscentialTest tool claims to generate ROI within very first year of the investment by the customer for their project.

In view of the above mentioned discussion, AscentialTest tool claims to generate ROI within very first year of the investment by the customer for their project.

While introducing test automation tools for your current and upcoming testing projects, discuss with your team and decision influencers and act upon every point that we have discussed here to start-off faster project deliveries with the highest quality.  Always choose the product based on the ROI and the reliability the product in the long run of your project.